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'Do what your head is telling you and work hard. That's the big secret.'

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I have wonderful, kind, supportive, forgiving, hilarious friends. I could think of a million more adjectives but those are in my mind especially this week. Goodnight from Scotland, foolz. 

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I can’t wait to live in NYC for good. I was just looking at the UCB schedule and wishing that I could watch shows every night and be back in classes and improvising again in a city that inspires me and terrifies me sometimes but overall makes me feel more alive than anywhere else. I’m lucky to know that so that I can work towards getting back right after college. What a perfect place.

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what a lucky lady I am.

I get to live my actual dream at this internship in a city that makes me feel like I’ve finally found the right place for me. I’m taking improv classes and I’ve made wonderful new friends. I get to see the people I love here all the time. I watch shows constantly, and I love the people I live with and the area we live in. I am inspired, I am energized, I’m HAPPY. My friends back home make me excited to come back even though I know how hard it will be to leave.

I think about my 8th Floor family constantly - they have part of my heart all the time. My real family supports me in ways they didn’t support me before, which is exciting. I’m really eager for the future, but I’m so happy that right now I can live in the present. For the first time I am not constantly planning, I’m just enjoying all of the wonderful gifts I get to experience constantly. I love my life!

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I used to work for a woman who had been an agent… And I was asking her why there weren’t more women in general who were writers. And she said, “Well, I can tell you one thing which is that when I told men that their writing wasn’t good enough they would go out and prove me wrong. They would say, ‘Oh, I’ll show you.’ And when I told women their writing wasn’t good enough they’d believe me.”

Lindsay Doran, (on the Scriptnotes podcast)

(I thought this was interesting and infuriating and probably sadly true for too many people. -AK)


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Prove ‘em wrong.

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